Friday, June 6, 2014

100TH POST!!! High School IS OVER! :)

This is my 100th post and the final one of the year! We are officially done with high school and tomorrow we graduate! I do not know whether to be happy or sad about it. Both. I do have a massive weight of nonsense lifted off my shoulders though, and it feels amazing. We are now all onto bigger and better things in our lives and as much as I hated the system in high school, lack of freedom of speech and rights, and a couple of my teachers as well as the grading system, I will definitely miss all those few exceptional teachers who did encourage me to follow my dreams no matter what anyone does to me. I will also deeply miss my friends, we ll not really since we just found out 9 out of 11 of us will be attending community college next year :( Oh well, but I will miss and always reminisce the great truly unforgettable memories we all created with one another. And how could I forget my AVID family who has been there since day 1, freshmen year and guided me all the way through Senior year with warming welcoming hands; the family at school whom I could always turn to and always provided me with the best possible advice, I do not think I would have the goals and mindset I have today if it had not been for our Avid advisor a.k.a our dad. He will unfortunately not be attending our graduation for innocent accusations, which I cannot hate the school board even more for, their idiotic judgments and I wish them the worst in life; but somehow I feel as though he never left, maybe it is because he has been in our hearts and will always remain there no matter what. I am glad I no longer have to deal with the stupid dress code violations or the ignorant security guards who are all best friends with the trouble makers at school or the disgusting trashed campus or the nasty cafeteria food or being treated as a child, none of that. Thank God. I am done caring about a mindless four year "college preparatory" institution. We are out son. Gracias a mis padres por ser los mejores en el mundo y tener que continuar a apoyarme despues de mis multiples pendejadas. Los amo. 

Literary Analysis #3

Eleven Minutes
By: Paulo Coelho


1) My book was generally about sex; not necessarily just the act of sex but making love and how pleasure can be mistaken many times. It was about the opposite gender getting to know the male and female body in order to be able to please them properly. This wonderful novel also covered the importance of the journey in uniting the two missing souls together which is indeed your missing life partner whom you should by fate marry and spend the rest of your life with. The novel was centered on the life of a single Brazilian woman, Maria, who was extracted almost by force from her country who was promised a better life but ended up becoming a prostitute at one of the nightclubs for two years.

2) My author chose to write about this topic mainly because it is one that is ignored the majority of the time and should not be. I do not understand why so many people resent this topic when it is one of the most important ones. People censor this topic far too much when it is human nature and it deserves to be talked about just as much since everyone has so many questions about it. People, especially adults need to grow up and maturely be able to handle to this conversation with respect because after all, it is how we are all created.

3) I have just continuously chosen to read books by the Brazilian author, my favorite author, Paulo Coelho regardless of the topic because even when I check out one of his books and I have no idea what it will be about, I know the topic will be just as good as the next one, if not better because he continues to amaze me and inspire me. I will continue to chose his books. When I first chose this book the title told me nothing, Eleven Minutes, it could have been referring to anything and I did not discover its true theme until the first couple of pages mainly through the dedication at the beginning of the book. It made me want to continue reading precisely because I am well aware of the fact that it is a topic not often discussed.

4) The book was definitely realistic since it was a universal topic and I found myself relating to myself back and fourth through all the discoveries and examples. I can picture many human beings having to deal with the same problems and having the same frightening questions that this novel managed to cover but not addressing them properly strictly out of fear for what another might think which is complete idiocy.


1) Yes, it is almost impossible for the author to not impose their own specific beliefs and thoughts and feelings on a subject that they are covering and creating an entire novel on. It is completely okay with me however though because his intellectual insight is much appreciated and I would even dare to say necessary. I am not sure if I would feel the same about any other authors though. The author definitely analyzed much of the protagonist's actions but also kept it very personal and accurate because he mentioned her journal writings and personal insight which is definitely necessary in a non fiction novel. '

2) The main and most important person would be Maria, she is Brazilian so I imagine her to be extremely attractive with a nice hour-glass body. Her personality could be characterized as a kind and warming intelligent human being with good intentions and with real life goals. I picture her as a persevere since she has managed to endure so much over time and always stand back up. A second and probably the most relevant character on her behalf would be her newly discovered lover, her missing and now found partner in life who goes by the name of Ralf Hart. Since he is described as an artist I picture him as a very intelligent and wise free man with no limits as to what he can do on this planet also considering the fact that he is extremely wealthy. Regardless of all his luxuries, I see him as being uncertain about what he wants.

3) I find these characters interesting enough to write about since they are almost a portrayed image of ourselves because I can almost guarantee that 90% of the world experiences these problems. I think the topic is more interesting than the actual characters and that is what makes the characters so fascinating because they experience what we experience in a world where such an important topic is never discussed.


1) There were multiple examples of direct and indirect characterization throughout the novel. An example of indirect characterizations could have been the moments in which they were inside each other both physically and spiritually and were able to experience something much greater than the both of them and not have to communicate a single word while they were both simultaneously feeling the same thing. An example of direct characterization would be when they teach other about each other as a man and a woman and as individuals because as they do this, they express their true feelings and thoughts about each other to each other.

2) The authors syntax and diction never really changes, it remains solid throughout the novel because he sticks to the same subject and there is no need to change it.    

3) The protagonist is very dynamic but at the same time static, which I believe is for the first time not bad at all. She is dynamic in the sense that her thoughts and feelings about the subject change overtime however her morals and what she has always wanted remained intertwined to her personality from the start which is fascinating.

4) Yes definitely, I felt as if she was a real person all along and I could definitely relate to her pain. She states through poetry, "A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; A time to break down, and a time to heal;...etc." I very much enjoyed and related to these words because they showed me that it is possible to feel two things at once even if those two things are complete opposites of each other and I really appreciated this.


1) The only tool I would say that the author used from fictional writing would be foreshadowing but mainly the type from romantic movies when the man follows the woman to the airport and tells her to stay because that is exactly what happened and it all seemed much too predictable. Other than that, the rest of the details were unexpected and continued to surprise me.

2) Yes, the author does both, he uses lengthy descriptions on places as well as dialogue which is extremely important and I appreciate the fact that he concentrated on both because it shows that they are both just as important. The detail in the surroundings of places demonstrate the appreciation for nature and beauty and a body with a peaceful state of mind. The stress on the dialogue and communication just demonstrates the importance of human interaction throughout the world.

3) The author creates a mood with simple words that describe things just as they are and not sugar coding everything and that is exactly why I love this author so much, he remains humble, real and down to earth as I believe all human kind should be. 

4) I think the authors attitude toward the subject and the characters was sincere and understanding which is important because in order to actually discuss something so important, you need to actually believe in in and have to have experienced it for yourself in as much as you possibly could and that is why there is so much ignorance in the world because we fail to understand many things. He definitely a lot of dedication and time well spent into thinking about this particular topic.

5) The author used prostitutes' insights to reflect and write his novel which is precisely everything he needed because, who is more of an expert on sex and human physical pleasure than prostitutes?  Probably no one else, but the fact that he utilized their own backgrounds and life stories demonstrates much time put into this and proving the fact that it is not merely a reflection of only his own thoughts and beliefs.


"Life moves very fast, it rushes us from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds." This quote amazes me because it could not be truer or said in any better form. Most of us unfortunately remain stuck on something once it happens and cannot seem to get out. We seem to forget that life is continuously changing at all times and that we need to move along with it because if we do not, we will remain in the same old boring spot filled with regret. When something happens and we do not like the results, we need to be aware of the fact that we have the ability and power to change it. We are responsible for our own happiness; and the things that we cannot change should not be worried about any longer, we must learn to forget about them and move on. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Masterpiece/Course Reflection

Alvarado 1

Masterpiece/Course Reflection

            The Open Source Learning course definitely comes with a great deal of responsibility and passion. I would say the second one is probably the most important one. From the moment I chose to be in this course I knew it would be extremely different from the rest, little did I know exactly how different. I definitely believe we as students deserve it because each and every single one of these students have been brainwashed since the minute they began their education and it is fair to say that we all deserve this chance to prove the many things we are capable of doing when a magnificent teacher, such as our conductor did, provides us with the chance to by letting us have the world in the palm of our hands. I feel like every student has earned it and there is no one thing anyone could have done to earn it because we all need it and so do the generations to come. I would now say that we definitely all did not honor it as much we should have and this goes directly back to what I spoke about in the survey when I mentioned that a few of us remained “stuck” if I may, in a certain trance where we knew exactly what our passion was and what excites us and what makes us get up every morning but just not exactly how to accomplish it or in which direction to go, however, other students did break these boundaries though. It is okay for those who have not reached their desired destiny or goal yet because that just means they are in the process and will soon get there.
            I definitely reconnected with my life-long passion because as ironic as it is, school absolutely prevented me from doing so with all their pointless assignments and constant irrelevant requests; with the exception of this course. I apologize but we as students know nothing but the truth and school is suppose to be about the students in a positive manner not negatively as it has been overtime with its strict expectations and lack of variety in chosen paths for students. I have many passion but my main one which is what I see myself doing with the rest of my life will always be the desire to make the world a better place because I strongly believe that if I can change the mind of just a single person then that will be enough to continue the chain of spreading love throughout the world. I also realized that this is the reason why I become upset many times- because I see far too many bad things in this world and not knowing exactly how to handle some situations really angers me but I guess that just means I still have much to learn about my masterpiece field and how exactly I transition it into a lifestyle. If and when I go to college I will continue to take classes that help broaden my view on the mental aspect of the human being and what I can do to change it and better it.
            I am not too sure about “laugh out loud” but I definitely did read many things that inspired me and taught me a lot about my passion. On second thought, the very first novel I chose to read for this particular course was “Ishmael“ by Daniel Quinn I believe, just going based off my memory, because it spoke about human beings and our history overtime and the two types of people we have chosen to be and have evolved to until present day. The part I find
Alvarado 2
humorous in this piece was the fact that they decided to make the most important character in the story a gorilla; a gorilla that speaks and has a complete intellectual mind of his own. It was fascinating because everything said could not be truer and the fact that it was a gorilla speaking allowed us to view ourselves as humans through the eyes of a different species who knew much more about us than we did about ourselves. The moral of that story was to prove to us that we as human beings grew to become far too possessive and materialistic. We began owning things as if they had always belonged to us including mother nature, when in reality, mother nature controls us and there is nothing we can do about it but wonder.
            The unifying theme that runs through each and every single presentation in the classroom has got to be passion. Passion is the underlying basis for all the foundations we have formed here. Without passion there is nothing, and we all know that that is true. You can tell if and when there is passion in these presentations when it is everyone’s time to present. I could feel the love in Daniel’s presentation when he spoke about cooking because I know that it is what he loves to do. I could feel the passion Bobby has for art whether it is on the streets or on a sheet of paper. I could see Tiana’s fascination when she traveled across the Atlantic to another world of culture, language and customs etc. especially because I myself love and want to travel the world. Passion is just something you can feel and no one else. What is important or fascinates you may not fascinate others but that is only because everyone is different and that is perfectly fine. Could you imagine if everyone was the same and we had everyone doing the same boring thing as the next person for the rest of our lives? Well then, as we all know, the world would not function.
            I am not the hero I have planned yet to be, but I feel like a hero on the sense that I have become so much closer to that thing that I love and feel completely inseparable to my passion because I have chosen to learn so much more about it thanks to this course. I found multiple mentors and I have come to realize that many of the people I have helped, physically and mentally, have served me that purpose of being mentors in a way because they are my learning tools and they are exactly what I am studying. I feel like I am not done yet and I still have so much more to cover and I will probably create another blog in my adventure if not keep this one to continue reflecting and sharing my opinions, thoughts and revelations about the subject. There is no way in hell I would have been able to pay more attention to the subject of my interest if it would have not been for this class and our savior Doctor Preston. I hope this course serves the future generations of students that will hopefully follow in our paths, if not achieve bigger and better things than we will.

Is school really providing the education they should be?

I am currently eating ice cream at one in the morning on a Sunday night watching one of my best friends, LC, sleep because she has decided to take a 30 minute nap and told me to awake her in 30 minutes time in order for her to return to her homework. It is one in the morning and unfortunately we have school tomorrow. No teenager should involuntarily be awake at these hours on a school night. This is normal for me and it is the usual time I go to sleep because of the numerous times I close at work and by the time I bathe and attempt to do homework, but for someone with free time it is not so normal. I now begin to wonder if this is all worth it, what school is "preparing" us to do with the rest of our lives because I am sure no student wants to do this that we are doing right now, unless it had a real point to it. What is the point of homework (which is suppose to be a type of exercise to prepare us for our future desires and goals in life) if we are not already doing the things that make us happy? My goal is not to criticize the school system, well sort of, but mainly to help everyone realize something much more important- the way we choose to teach. I say 'choose to' because each and every single individual has the power to teach in a way that is personal to them and different from all the rest. This is exactly what my intellectual teacher has been trying to get across and I know most of the students understand it but the staff, teachers, school board etc. most likely never will understand it because they will continue to follow the traditional ways of "teaching" which have failed in inspiring students in this era, the majority of the time. I cannot wait to grow and change the system as I do so. And the worst part is, my ice cream has melted.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Why do we indulge in sugary foods that are poisonous to our bodies and choose to deal with the consequences of working out later or not?
Why do we choose to take a nap and continue to procrastinate instead of finishing our homework due the next day?
Why do we consume ten too many alcoholic beverages when we know that the next day we will have the worst hangover of our lives?
     The above questions all have one thing in common- thinking in the present and not worrying about the future. You may think many people have this problem and that we should begin to worry about the future and begin planning and such but the truth of the matter is that the majority of this procrastinating relaxed group of individuals lies mostly between the ages of 13 and 19 which is basically in the teenage years. We have no real perception of reality and feel as though we must live life fast paced and for the most part do not handle our responsibilities as much as we should. For the most part we care about our current status of happiness without realizing the consequences of tomorrow. 
     However, on the complete opposite aspect, our lives for the next 40, 60, 80 years is also not guaranteed and we must learn to live in the moment and do exactly what makes us happy because we could die tomorrow. People who do not relax and break the rules every once in a while tend to suffer more socially and live more depressing lives. I would go as far to as to say that these people are too caught up in the system that society has created for us in this life and have closed-minds. Learn to be happy on your own and not through the way someone else's guidelines and checklists have provided you with. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The System

     Many of us are just realizing that we could have achieved so much more than we did throughout high school and when we make this realization unfortunately we do not know exactly how to respond to it. We have realized that maybe if we had paid more attention in our classes our freshmen and sophomore years, we would not be in the positions we are now. 
    For me, it was sophomore year that was basically a complete fail. I failed one class all year, Chemistry, with a D+ and failed the first semesters of both Algebra II and AP Modern World History. Junior year I retook all those classes and passed them with A's and B's. Now, my reason for failure was definitely not for lack of intelligence because believe me, I was that skilled smart student. The problem was more because of my immaturity and lack of understanding how gravely any choice I made then affected my future now. I was extremely lazy and simply did not care. I used to put the PRO in PROcrastination! I was also on the verge of quitting AVID which was the only real helpful class in which I benefited and acquired multiple academic skills that I still utilize today. However, I am so glad I never did. 
     Anyways, I did not get my things together until Junior year and by then as many of you have realized it was far too late since colleges calculate our grade point average through our sophomore and junior years. Which brings me to my next point, I find it terrible that we as students are only judged based off our test scores because these honestly do not reflect our true persona. Students are not evaluated on personality or social skills and interactions with human beings which actually matters greatly in the world because we are constantly dealing with humans and there will be no way to isolate ourselves from them if we expect to live in this country then we will be forced to engage in society. However, the way college admissions decide to choose their students is ineffective but it will soon be their loss for missing out on amazing, well-balanced, creative, wise, life-changing students.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In 5 Months

It used to scare me back then to not know where I was going to be exactly a year from now... And now I still do not know exactly what university I will be attending in just five months! FIVE MONTHS. Do you understand how insane that is? I have been accepted to colleges but not too interested in attending any of them really. I envy those of my peers that know exactly where they are going next year and what they are doing. I am double thinking college now and sort of want to join the Peace Corps but everyone says "Why would you do that? You don't make any money!" A part of me does not care because helping others is my passion and another part of me says, "Well how am I going to make a living?" Or "What about college?" It is scary and I fear what the future will bring, whatever it is, I hope I am happy doing what I am doing.